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Justin Martinez

Senior Engineer

Mr. Martinez is a petroleum engineer and self-taught programmer with experience focused primarily on reservoir engineering, forecasting, and data analytics.  He has evaluated hundreds of projects across every major U.S. basin and has developed proprietary workflows for data retrieval, processing, and evaluation, leveraging his knowledge of multiple programming languages.  He started his career as a partner at Boomtown Oil, which managed multiple portfolio companies for Juniper Capital, a well-known middle market private equity fund in Houston.  At Boomtown, Mr. Martinez was responsible for several key components to the company’s operations including: management of reserves databases, evaluating AFEs and tracking costs, A&D evaluations, offset operator benchmarking, and administrative land responsibilities crucial to the development and operation of unconventional assets in Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

 As a reservoir engineer at Tier 1 Resource Partners, Mr. Martinez is responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of the company’s assets’ performance.  He holds a B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston.